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Chakra Tapestry

  • $29.99

This is another project that we've worked tirelessly partnering and collaborating with the right factories and dozens of artist. From choosing the right images, going back and forth with shipping to get the colors to pop more vividly and most of all the correct resolution. These are not you're average tapestries that you'll purchase at your local head shop,these are true pieces of art that would easily cost tens of thousands of dollars if you would've purchased the originals on a 60x90 or 30x40 canvas. Even the prints of Sean Dietrich and Vincent Gordon sells for thousand of dollars. They get commissioned by the likes of High Times Magazine And Art installations at Mega Rock festivals like Rock On The Range. We hope you enjoy owning one of these masterpieces of art on a new platform. The Micro Fiber Polyester Tapestry.